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7 Advantages of Playing Video Games Online

7 Advantages of Playing Video Games Online

Through several studies, it has been discovered that playing video games in a moderate way is beneficial, as well as fun, of course.

As in everything, it is important to avoid the excesses and to do it with balance, in this way you will be able to take advantage of the multiple advantages that they bring. Here we present a series of benefits of playing video games that you probably did not know.

1- Increase in gray matter

A study conducted in Germany argues that playing 30 minutes per day of video games stimulates the increase of gray matter in the right hippocampus and cerebellum. These areas are responsible for memory, strategy, and planning.

2- Improve the alert capacity and help in decision making

It has been proven through various studies that video games help children with dyslexia to improve their skills and also improve their attention span. It also allows developing skills in decision making as many of them use a quick analysis to choose the best option and advance level of difficulties. Among the many current options among which you can choose are the games of undead and zombies, war strategy or even puzzle, Tetris type.

7 Advantages of Playing Video Games Online

3- Help in problem-solving

Related to the above, having to make quick decisions and draw plans make you have to think and discover different ways of solving the situations that arise, thus stimulating the development of strategies. This translates into real life as an improvement in skills when solving problems.

4- Help reduce stress

Moderately playing video games helps to release the daily stress that accumulates when performing other tasks, allowing a good and fun moment to pass forgetting the usual worries. Play allows you to disconnect and discharge tensions. Anyway, it is important to balance the playing time with other activities.

5- Improve vision

Studies show that with the moderate use of video games visual acuity improves and details are better distinguished in certain situations.

6- Improves motor skills

Specialists in neuroscience have pointed out that spending a few hours a week playing high-speed video games allows you to train attention, sensory, motor, and spatial abilities.

7- Socialize

When videogames are played sparingly and in a balanced way with other activities, they allow you to socialize with people from different parts of the world, from different cultures. In addition, sharing a game, for example, between parents and children, or between siblings, helps the union to participate in the same interests and spend pleasant moments of fun together.

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