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5 Benefits of playing video games

5 Benefits of playing video games

All of us who are (at least) a bit fond of videogames know that every so often media appear on the news about “how detrimental it is to play video games”. And is that the video game industry has always been stigmatized by the shadow of violence, addiction, and nonsense.

Usually, the media that publish this type of news are the same as they see as year after year their share of viewer’s decreases because of the intrusion of new technologies among the youngest. (Internet, video games, smartphones …) Is it worse to play a video game than watching television? Personally, I doubt it.

Excesses are the source of the problem. Is it bad to play for 10 hours straight? Of course, it is, but just as bad is watching television for 10 hours straight or eating 10 chocolate ice creams in a row. You have to try to be reasonable and moderate so as not to turn a habit or a hobby into an addiction. In moderation, we can say that video games are beneficial, in fact, very beneficial for our personal development.

5 Benefits of playing video games

We present 5 scientifically proven benefits that show that video 7 Advantages of Playing Video Games Online can be an important part of our personal development.

  1. They help us to be more educated

Many games have a historical or social background based on real events. Although in many occasions certain narrative freedoms are taken, they transmit us equally valid general knowledge.

For example, I grew up playing the Age of Empires, Total Wal and Europa Universalis sagas, (for the younger ones I’m sure this sounds old), strategy games that taught me a lot about history and geography. I remember how my professor hallucinated when I told him about the military exploits of Aníbal Barca in his military struggles against the Romans. All thanks to having played an Age of Empires campaign.

5 Benefits of playing video games

The action games also gave me their part, with Call of Duty and Medal of Honor, for example, I understood the magnitude and implications of World War II, I discovered what had been some of their most important battles (Normandy Landing, Stalingrad etc. .) and the main “actors” of this important world event.

I could continue to give examples but it would not end. In addition, we must bear in mind that games in themselves can be important cultural pieces, in fact, there are some whose scripts and developments are even better and deeper than many movies.

  1. They help us to be more creative

There are a lot of video games that help us be more creative either voluntarily or involuntarily. I remember from my childhood the game “Workshop of Inventions” whose objective was to create or invent: from small gadgets to incredible motorized vehicles. Nowadays you can find hundreds of games that will help young and old to develop their creativity, from musical applications that allow you to play almost any instrument, to games that allow you to create small stories or stories.

Encouraging the creativity of the little ones will help them to keep and develop that capacity as they grow older. It’s just a matter of finding the right games.

  1. They help us develop our brain

Recent studies of some of the most important universities in the United States and Japan show that playing with video consoles has important benefits for our brain. They make our right prefrontal cortex, hippocampus and gray matter develop in the cerebellum, this causes a considerable improvement in skills such as strategic planning, space navigation, memory formation, reaction speed, and motor ability. Almost nothing…

I remember the first time I picked up a guitar from the game Guitar Hero, I did not hit any notes and more than playing a song it seemed like I was hitting a metal surface … that sounded fatal! But how hard it is to lose hope, I decided to buy it and try it more calmly. After a month my reflexes increased and my expertise with the fingers improved drastically. This helped me to embolden myself even more and be able to make the leap to a real guitar.

  1. They help us to exercise

Since the appearance in the market a few years ago of the Nintendo Wii, two diametrically opposed concepts such as playing video games and doing sports found a meeting point. Increasingly, it seems that the technology advances towards the total immersion of the 5 senses in the game, it is not only about Wii and its motion detection system, Play Station and Xbox were also launched towards this adventure and every year we They bring new advances.

Do you fancy a Tennis match? Or maybe a boxing match ?, Search what you are looking for sure you find a game that allows you to move a bit. Especially popular games like Just Dance have been made, where you have to follow the choreography that appears on the screen to the rhythm of the music. You no longer have an excuse saying that sport is boring!

  1. They help us socialize

Video consoles can be a reason for self-exclusion but also for unity. Today, approximately 20% of parents play video games with their children and there is nothing that makes a child more excited than playing with their father. Each year this percentage increases which is a very promising data.

Multiplayer games are always more fun, playing in the company of friends or family you have a better time. In addition, the network game possibilities offered by the new video consoles facilitate the process of connection between people. It is very easy to find new friends who have met through a game even though one can live in Spain and another in South America.

And this is a trend that is on the rise, developers have realized that people like to interact with other people and that games must comply with this premise. It starts to be strange to find games that only allow games of a player.

Although these 5 benefits are very good reasons to play video games, we must not forget what we have talked about in the first paragraphs. We must play in its proper measure, with moderation to avoid turning this hobby into an addiction.

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